Good as New & Customized for You.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry was meant to be worn, not sit in a drawer. Bring your broken rings, necklaces, earrings and watches to your trusted hometown jeweler. We'll assess each piece to determine if it's fixable and what repair options you have. We have an on-site goldsmith and diamond setter, so the majority of our repairs never leave the building.

If we can't repair it, we might be able to replace it. But you won't know unless you bring it in!


Your first sizing is free when you purchase your ring at Chilson Jewelers. If you need a ring sized, whether you bought it from us or not, we can help you find the size that fits. As with repairs, our on-site goldsmith will do the sizing here, so your ring never leaves the building.

Diamond Setting

Chilson Jewelers offers on-site diamond and gemstone setting both on new rings and those that need a stone reset or replaced.

Custom Design

We like to say, "If you can dream it, we can make it!" If you've seen a ring or other piece of jewelry that you like, we can recreate it. If you've designed a piece of jewelry yourself, we can create it.

We also offer custom elk ivory jewelry. After the big hunt, the ivory teeth make beautiful rings, pendants and earrings.

Watch Repairs and Batteries

Bring your watch in to Chilson Jewelers and we'll get it ticking again. We replace batteries on site - often while you wait. We also repair watches and replace bands on-site within a week or less. If it's a more serious issue and the watch needs to be rebuilt, we send it to our trusted watchmaker.

FREE Ring Cleaning and Inspection

If your rings have lost their sparkle, bring them into Chilson Jewelers and we'll clean them for free! While we're at it, we'll inspect them and suggest any repairs that might be needed. If your white gold jewelry doesn't look so white anymore, we can rhodium plate it to make it look good as new, a free service if your ring was purchased at Chilson Jewelers.


Personalize your pieces with customized engraving from Chilson Jewelers. Add a message to jewelry, trophies, gift items and more. We're able to engrave on most materials including metals, glass, plastic, wood and leather.


Insuring your jewelry is a smart way to make sure it's protected against fire, theft or various other unfortunate events. Most insurance companies require a written appraisal from a jeweler before they'll insure it. We know. Chilson Jewelers has been appraising jewelry for 40 years. If you've purchased a new piece of jewelry or upgraded an existing piece, bring it in and we’ll update the appraisal.

If you've inherited some jewelry, picked something up at an auction, looking to trade in or just aren't sure what your jewelry's worth, we can help.

Thank you Chilson Jewelers for your outstanding service work & care given to my precious ring that I recently inherited.